Purpose, Passion, Design.

I’m a freelancer Senior Brand, Digital Designer & Web Designer.

My designs are nourished by passion and research of bold creative ideas with always a sense of purpose. I create new brands coming from Logo Design, Brand Identity, Visual Identity, Graphics, Web Design & Digital Design.



Logo design

A logo is the central element to represent your brand and must be functional to be used across the company communication. A logo can be composed of a lettertype and an emblem and should be simple and communicative. As a logo designer, I help companies to find the logo that should represent their company at the best.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the visual expression of your brand. it is the collection of elements such as company name, logo, tagline, colour palette, typography, imagery, tone of voice. I’m a specialist brand designer who defined brand identity for B2B business with a unique scope: Let your brand stand up in the crowd.

Brand guidelines

A brand guideline or brand styleguide is a tool designed to give consistency to your brand, used by designers as a collection of the branding elements as colour palette, composition, look & feel, graphic elements, tone of voice. It should be used by a company as a resource for everyone to understand how to represent their brand.

UX/UI website design

I’m a website designer and together with the client, we define the scope and the target of the use of their website. With my team, I design and develop bespoke websites.
At the beginning of the project, I focus my attention on the UX design to ensure a user-friendly use of the website. The UI Design with visuals and colours is the next step and as the final one, I focus on the custom development of the website.

Graphic Design

I’m a freelance Senior Graphic Designer, worked for many years directly with clients and agencies. Once the brand identity is established, I develop the visual of the brand across multiple applications from print to digital, like catalogue design, brochure, PowerPoint presentation, pitch presentations.

Digital Design

Digital Design is an essential part of the communication of a brand. I design the principal aspect of the brand on digital applications like e-mail signatures, newsletters and without forgetting social media as a new channel of advertising

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