IT start-up logo design, brand identity & website design

TiS Trust Information Security is an IT Italian start-up specialized in technology security. I created Logo Design, Corporate identity and Visual identity. The project includes UX & UI Design for a Website Design.

hot foil logo design
TIS logo symbol start up

Project deliverables

– Logo Design
– Corporate Identity
– Visual Identity
– Stationery
– UX/UI Design
– Web Design
– Project Management

Fresh Brand Identity

TiS Trust Information Security, founded the company in early 2021 and to get known from the investors, as a start-up, they needed to set up a brand identity for their company.

My approach for this project was to focus on the main activity of the company, Information Security. Designing a logo that can reflect the security in technology. The logo is composed of a dot surrounded by circle lines to create a labyrinth, an expression of safety.

Starting from the brand identity, I developed a visual identity and working with the contents for UX purposes, I designed the new website. Delivering pages completed of the photography assets and all the UI elements.

logo design for a start up tech
corporate identity tech company
website tech company start up
website pages design for a tech start up company
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