Maple People

Innovators in construction, new website.

My collaboration with Maple People started a long time ago and from the first meeting, we realized that we share the same values.

Their continuous growth made them realize the need for a new website able to better present their projects and vision but mainly to give the relation between people and innovation the value it deserves.

Maple People is an innovative and ethical construction company which purpose is to design and build smart commercial interiors intended to be efficient with costs and materials. The company redirects all their profits into research and development in order to create innovations for the population and the environment. The company’s vision is to build a future where construction becomes essentially sustainable by putting into practice mechanisms able to drive buildings without harming our planet.

Constructor with ethical purposes.

The peculiarity of Maple People is a constant dedication to communicate multiple messages, not only connected to the industry. They intend to show the human side of their projects, endorsing their diversity and their look at the future. 

Designing their new website we could not consider the role of nature. Starting from pictures strictly connected with the latter, the path has conducted us to their symbol: the leaf of a maple tree, an intrinsic nature perfection.

We quickly understood how unique Maple People was, in terms of passion and dedication but especially in the extreme kindness and availability of the whole team.

Thanks to this, within 5-weeks, the new website was designed & built – ready to be revealed to the world. 

A pleasant and welcoming tone of voice greets users, truly immersing them in the company’s vision that can be defined as ambitious and professional as the team behind it.

The imagery of nature decorates every page of the website, proudly showcasing the exceptional results and unrivalled level of service that each client has experienced.

 The characteristic which makes them really different from the actual market of industrial companies is that they illustrate a project born from the passion of their creators, and that can be perceived sliding each page of the website. Above all, there is the idea of improving something already existing and converting it for the good of both people and the planet. 

Project Deliverables

– Art direction
– UX &UI website design
– Responsive Website Design & Development
– Creative Consultancy & Project Management

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