Bally Switzerland

Luxury Fashion Training Manual Design

Bally is a Swiss luxury fashion brand and a leader in manufacturing premium shoes, small and large leather goods, and apparel. Founded in 1851 by Carl Franz Bally and his brother Fritz, they endowed their products on a premium high-quality production to distinguish from the other fashion brands.

The company entrust their staff and highly qualified teams to ensure excellent support to the customers. Due to their values, they needed to have a Training Manual as support to the sales team.

I established a long relationship created a pocket Training Manual to respond to their needs. A catalogue for all the fashion seasons, Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer for the fashion collection of the current season.

Fashion in a pocket book

The first version of the Training Manual was a print pocket version, in this way it was convenient to keep it in the pockets of their staff to use as consultation for buyers and sales.
Due to the request of the sales, the creation of the Training Manual has been made in English, Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese. Translations were provided and we handle the extreme care on the creation of the other languages versions.

Project deliverables

– Catalogue design
– Interactive catalogues
– Artworks
– Post-production images
– Multi-languages catalogue versions
– Team coordination
– Print design

A digital Catalog

Responding to the need of a digital market, the print catalogues have been adapted to an interactive digital version suitable for desktop and tablets.
This version is an interactive PDF with scrolling pages and a breadcrumb menu on top to make the navigation more usable.

I have worked with Gaia for several years with my company and she is a very professional person. She is precise and scrupolous, always trying to achieve the best solution for the client. Gaia has provided for many seasons all the catalogues and manuals for our collections, proposing improvements and updates also when she was not required to.

Federica Po – Ladies Shoes Merchandising Manager – Bally