We specialise in offering brand identity and design with purpose.


We work with many premium brands in the areas of luxury, fashion and professional services.


We’re passionate about creating beautiful, elegant and impactful design that projects the unique personality of each brand we work with.


We live in London and work all over the world.


We’re Gaia Fontana Brand Identity and Design.






Gaia is not just designing something for the sake of design. Gaia made sure that she understood my personality, what I stand for (values, etc), what I do, what I want to represent. Her design could not have been more spot-on. When Gaia sent me the first drafts, she was open for feedback, tested me on how I feel about the direction she was taken and offered me the option to be included in the creative process.

In my case, her draft already blew me away. Her considerate, creative touch made me say – “wow! That’s so me!” – And that’s how my logo was born.


Stefanie Pfeiffer – Digital Business Consultants